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Earwire Tutorial

Two pieces of 2" sterling silver wire.I start with two 2 inch pieces of 20 ga. sterling wire





Using a pen to make earwires of sterling silver.

I'm putting the pen right in the middle of BOTH pieces.

I'm pressing the wire firmly against the pen --VERY firmly-- because I want it to conform to the shape of the pen and not form a peak.

Pushing the sterling wire firmly against the pen, so that it curves, and does not bend into a peak.






Pushing the tips of the wire till they touch. I push the tips until they touch; they'll spring back.



I keep pressing one side completely around the pen until I've made a letter "P"

Pressing both earwires around the pen, until they form the letter "P"

This was difficult to take a picture of, so I've taken several pictures and made a diagram.

Earwire tutorial diagram.I usually put a coil or bead on, so I want the crook to be deep (so the coil/bead can't slide off). The bend is at the center-line of the circle. The green triangles are my pliers
tips; I grasp the wires there (yes I do both at the same time) and bend the excess wire down until it's vertical. The diagrams below show how I put a bead on and then bend the rest of the wire into a right angle. This is the piece I roll back toward the bead, in a loop (I do each wire separately). To finish, I grasp the tails of both wires with my pliers and bend them out slightly.  I straighten them out and tumble them.

Bending the portion of the earwire that will become the loop.Here you can see that I've grasped the wires from within the loop, with my pliers.  I'll bend them straight down, parallel to the other wires.

Handmade Sterling Silver EarwiresThe two copper coil earwires are each from a different set. The one at right has a sterling bead just above the coil.   I make the copper coils by winding 22 ga copper wire around a straight, smooth piece of 20 ga wire (actually not sure if it's true 20--I've had it for ages). If it won't slide off neatly, I just put a drop of machine oil on the coil and slide my pliers along the 20 ga wire, pushing the coils off. I just snip off what I need.