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I'm influenced by things I've seen while traveling,
by historical objects and archaeology.

I don't like machine perfection or
perfect symmetry. 

I think industrial concepts of perfection have warped
our idea of what it means to be human:                        

"Perfection is flawless;
Organization is a sign of sanity."

I want to leave fingerprints and tool marks on my work. I want to incorporate the error, not eliminate it.  I like to use the work of cultures that recycle and whose industries still leave a human trace, even on factory work. I like seeing the seams, the dimple, a lack of uniformity.

I like to recycle. I save my mistakes; they are the mother of my success.


How it happens...

Unfired porcelain beadI've been involved in handwork since high school. I have four kilns and way too much clay and metalwork stuff...and that's the way it should be! I carve my own presses for my tile pendant designs. They usually start Torn white breadas napkin doodles. Hollow bead forms are constructed using traditional clay joining techniques. Sometimes, I stuff the beads with soft bread so they'll hold their form a bit better as I work. It is the only good use for white bread that I have ever found. And, it makes the kiln room smell like toast.

Sawing coils into rings, rollover close up For wire jewelry, I start with copper and sterling wire. Look for handmade earwires. You'll also notice I get to pound some wire flat. If you're a mom, a hammer and anvil block will do you good.


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